About Us

About our Company

Custom Wall Designs was setup in 2010 as an specialist off-shoot of Carlisle Printing to cater for the ever increasing demand for high quality, custom wallpapers, either from client supplied images or from high-quality professional images.

With the surge of interest and use of wallpaper, there arose a large gap in the available suppliers of custom designs, and also the ability of being able to size and print the wallpaper to suit the size of the wall itself without the wastage occuring from the standard range available.

Director and General Manager, Nathan Krisko, is a not only photographer himself but has also has experience with renovating and building new homes and so understands that everyone has their own requirements, their own tastes and styles when it comes to interior design and decoration. Thus the basis for Custom Wall Designs was born from. We pride ourselves on nothing but high-quality results and accept nothing less, so if we're not happy with the print, we won't send it to you until we are!